• Caitlyn

Montage Mayhem

Pantomime finale rehearsals - as long as there's jazz hands, everything will be fine

It has been a delight to join the team at Montage Theatre Arts this year. Based in South-East London, these kids are crazy, but you need a little bit of that to shine on stage, right?

High in frequency of performances, but perhaps slightly lower in West-End aspirations, it has been an interesting transition to teach a bunch of great kids, who really enjoy classes and each other, but are there for a good time rather than to be cast by agents. In teaching these classes, I have had to focus on engagement through entertainment and teamwork as opposed to motivation through individual achievement, which, to be honest, is similar to what I had been trying to instil in the 'elite performance' groups I've taught in the past. The support that these kids show for each other is heart-warming and though they may not have the polished performances I'd prefer each concert, they comfort and include those feeling down or less capable (sometimes even on stage) and actually, that's ok by me.

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