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From Inspiration to Stage to Podcast

'From Inspiration to Stage' is a new Australian theatre podcast being produced by writer Drew Lane. I first met Drew at a cabaret night where we were both presenting new works, and I was thoroughly impressed by the sheer number of projects the man had been able to accomplish. Continuing with this determined work-ethic, and equipped with a plethora of experiential tales, Drew's knowledge has now been channelled into a channel. 'From Inspiration to Stage' takes listeners through various stages and questions of writing a new musical, drawing on the experiences and advice of practising theatre makers. Not only is this a wonderful resource for aspiring writers, but it is an informative platform for the Australian theatre community of up and coming creatives and projects.

I was honoured to have been asked to share my thoughts in Ep4 - Which Comes First: Music Or Lyrics? Which can be found on itunes (See link below) or Podbean. Though I would consider myself more of a Lyricist/Librettist, it was a fun chance to analyse and share my writing process, along with the four other talented writers, Jye Bryant, Peter J Casey, Cal Silberstein, and Drew Lane.

What a great, community-building initiative to be apart of. Subscribe to Drew's channel for more!

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